The Bhargast – Tales from the Loop RPG

We’re about to explore the 80s that never was in our “hometown hack” of the Tales from the Loop RPG!

Simon, Lucy, Yassien and Graham are led by GM Millie on a mystery adventure to discover just what’s behind some terrifying wild animal attacks.

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Thanks for listening, we’ll be back real soon with our next Dungeons & Dragons campaign Waterdeep: Dragon Heist!

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Welcome to the Lancashire Loop

I’ve fallen in love with Tales from the Loop. Possibly being a weird sci-fi loving 80s kid it ticks all the right boxes.

If you’re not familiar with Tales of the Loop, I point you to the Fria Ligan website
I wish I’d backed it at Kickstarter.

Assuming you’ve either headed off and had a look, or already know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to my “hometown hack” and the Lancashire Loop, and it’s first mystery.

The Bhargast, I’ve tested on two groups of players, both who’d never played Tales from the Loop before, and both had brand new RPG players in.

You can get yourself a copy of the mystery here

Plus here’s my Lancashire Loop Map

Lancashire Loop3 distressed.jpg

I invite you to come play in my backyard and see how you & your friends deal with a wild animal on the loose, and if you do let me know what your group of plucky kids got up to!