Meloon’s Missions


Meloon’s Missions came about due to a cleric character in Waterdeep, a city with LOTS of restrictions on magic, not really able to follow those rules.



Alright, now that the warning is out of the way, here’s the problem.

A character who would be a cleric won’t stay at a temple, it’s not fun to have to leave your friends at the end of a days wandering adventuring about Waterdeep. It’s also odd, that while Waterdeep has SO many rules on other spell casters, clerics could just wander about. Wouldn’t the temple want someone to make sure the new cleric with their growing powers from the gods didn’t slightly go off the rails? Yes, we think that those who would be clerics would have a good common sense, but well… have you met many Dungeons & Dragons players?!

So that’s the problem that caused Meloon Wardragon to become Topper
Fleetfoot-Howe’s mentor. A respected adventurer, a chosen of the gods, would watch over this fledgling cleric, and ensure they stay in good-standing and within the tenets of the church, whilst away from the church.

The thing is, Meloon Wardragon doesn’t have that much info in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist book, and even though he’s fairly deep into one of the factions who would want to keep eyes on the party as they search for the hoard of gold.

So I ended up writing four missions that work in the same way as the other faction missions from Chapter Two of the campaign book. They also offer similar conflicts as the other missions, so there’s still fun to be had by characters being at odds with each other due to representing different factions.

If this sounds like something you’d like to add to your game, or just want to know what Meloon was doing with the damn fish in our podcast, then you can find the missions as a PWYW download!

Role to Hit 38 -The Story So Far…

So we’re something like 120 hours into our Tomb of Annihilation adventure. That’s a lot to catch up on if you’ve not been following along.  So if you fancy joining us, but don’t want to feel like you’re behind on the story this may be the podcast for you.

It’s funnier to listen to, honest, but if you’d rather read, then here’s the short version.

First off all, why don’t we find out who our party is.

Garrak, Teenage Dragonborn Sorcerer, played by Graham

Rho’Zi, Fearless Tabaxi Barbarian, played by Lucy

Chin’Thay, Sneaky Tabaxi Archeologist, played by Simon

Jasper, Patient Human Diplomat, played by David

Amber, Stocic Dwarven Warrior, played by Roweena

And the rest!

Now, you’ve met the party, we’ve also managed to pick up a few friends on the way, mainly Bag of Nails, Artus and Dragon Bait.

So, ‘Nails (as he gets called) is a legendary Tabaxi warrior, with something of a death wish, because Rho’Zi challenged him to a fight, and he won, he’s fairly certain that he’s the biggest and the bravest thing in the group. He’s not big on the brainy side of things, and can’t read common, but he can kill lots of things, and does have some helpful potions mixes in with some less than helpful ones.

The six of them have entered the Tomb of Annihilation where all their research has suggested that the Soul Monger is hidden. Turns out that the Tomb has something to do with an old litch called Acererak, and the Tomb’s name isn’t just hyperbole.

Back outside the tomb on the air ship, yes they have a floating airship called the buoyant blowfish or something, I don’t think they know what they’ve called it to be honest, it changes every time I ask them. But They found the airship crashed in the jungle and fought off the zombies and claimed it as their own, and spent a little time fixing it up and sailed it over the jungle to the lost city of Omu where the Tomb is.

Artus & Dragon bait are on that. Artus has lost his wife, as in she is missing  not dead, She was a protector of a holy city somewhere in the jungle, and we think destroying the Soul Monger will make her come back, either because the whole city has been plane shifted or time shifted while there’s some kind of danger. Also Artus has a magic ring that can make things out of snow, which is a little weird in the jungle, and there are a bunch of people trying to look for him. Including his “daughter” who the party don’t really think is telling the truth, because Artus doesn’t remember having kids.

Artus’s best friend is a strange type of dragon man, nicknamed Dragon Bait, we’re not sure what his real name is, as he talks in strange clicks and noises, but we get the general gist of what he’s saying as he sends out smells. He’s some kind of holy warrior, but we’re not sure, and we guess he’s with Aruts because Artus would probably just trip over something and die if he was unsupervised for so long.

But anyway Artus & Dragonbait aren’t with us right now. So we’ve solved lots of puzzles set by dead trickster gods and learnt the story of why the great god Omu left the people of Chult, killed of some of the flaming fist mercenaries trying to do the same thing as us, destroyed the bad Yuan-Ti base killing their leader Ras Nsi, and his weird god thing, freed lots of slaves, and made a bargain with some Red Wizards of Thay to get into the Tomb of Annihilation.

Why have we done all that …

You see this Soul Monger thing is messing up the healing magics of the world and we’ve been hired to find this thing (we’re fairly sure it’s a thing not a person) and “turn it off.”

The person who hired our brave adventures, Sindra Silvane, was slowly dying, as she used to be an adventurer but retired after she was in a big fight and was resurrected. And it seems like the magic that brought her back is now failing. And it’s not just her that’s dying, it’s everywhere, and that’s bad.

So that’s the short version. The long version is 120 hours & 39 episodes long, there’s some snakes, dinosaur racing, a whole incident with some religious soldiers in the wrong place in the jungle, a giant walking robot, sailing and avoiding a fight with pirates, some good Yuan-Ti, our jungle guide leaving us to get married, a visit with an oracle, Garrak’s harem pants, meeting a famous author Volothamp Geddarm, goblins getting drunk on frog poison and more things that just sound ridiculous when I say them out loud!

But we’ve been having fun, and if you’re just joining us, then welcome to the Tomb of Annihilation!